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Laptops in Classroom Debate

I found this article on the Kept-up Academic Librarian blog and found it very interesting. The piece discusses the pros and cons of having laptops in the classroom and how some universities have dealt with the issue. Personally, I think laptops are more of an asset to learning in the classroom than a detriment. Sure there are those students who insist on surfing the internet or sending emails rather than paying attention and taking notes on the lecture but the benefits far outweigh the negatives. First, most people type faster than they write (meaning better notes). Second, computers are a great tool in understanding the lecture better. Students can pull of relevant websites pertaining to the subject and debate can be fostered on the spot by finding differing viewpoints via blogs and websites. The computer also offers things like instant dictionary look-up for students who may not be familiar with some of the terms in the lecture. Students will always find distractions weather they be doodles and note writing or surfing the Internet and emailing.


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