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Wikipedia Fraud

I think from the beginning of its inception Wikipedia has been taken with a grain of salt but with the recent controversy over the credentials of the contributor named “Essjay”, users are may be beginning to wonder if they should visit Wikipedia at all. I don’t think we should be all that shocked that users of the Wikipedia may have been mislead. The very idea of multiple people writing and editing entries at any time enables varying attitudes and opinions to make their way into controversial entries. So with possibility of being completely misinformed, why would anyone visit Wikipedia.com? For all of its faults, the site offers a few good things for a beginning researcher or someone with curiosity. The references are a great way to find more information on the subject in question. These references often include links to PDF’s of published papers and bibliographic information for books on the subject. For instance, I did a search on “synesthesia” and found a number of relevant links to papers available online in PDF format. These journals include Journal of Consciousness Studies & Journal of the Anthropological Institute. I would never advise someone to cite a Wikipedia entry but as a tool to find general information on a subject, Wikipedia offers a great starting point.


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