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If patrons don’t use it does it really exist?

Lately I’ve been thinking about several great strides that have been made in implementing new technologies in libraries.  These include journal alerts, the LibX tool bar, RSS feeds for library blogs, and bibliographic management tools.  These tools can save time and organize research but often times patrons are not aware of the services or find the explanation on how to use them too confusing.  I think we’re doing well at coming up with the tools and implementing them but we need to find better ways to convey the benefits of these tools to patrons.   Even if these tools are available, if nobody uses them they might as well not exist.


One comment on “If patrons don’t use it does it really exist?

  1. Easy of use is a critical factor in any resource. Prime example is Google. Look at the interface.

    I was wondering why libraries don’t have a bunch of terminals with a Google interface for the OPAC for 1st tier information needs. Banks do it with ATM’s.

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