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The Mindful Multitasker : How Pocket (Formerly Read It Later) Can Help You Stay Focused


photo credit: cseeman on Flickr

As Librarians, we are in the business of information seeking which can be both enjoyable and overwhelming.  How many times have you been searching for information on X and come across an interesting article on Y?  It is very tempting to start reading the article on Y (which is much more interesting than information on X).  I have to confess this happens to me far more than I would like to admit.  Current research tells us that multitasking makes us less productive and easily distracted and I could not agree more.  This is something I have currently been working on through the practice of Mindfulness.  I’m still a newbie to the practice and often still get sidetracked but I think I’m able to concentrate on one task for a longer period of time.

So how does an app fit into this?  Pocket (Formerly Read It Later) allows you to save interesting items that you may have inadvertently come across to read at a later time.  Pocket is available for your computer or mobile device and content saved on one device is viewable in another.  I now no longer have to be distracted by a personal (and juicy) email, a funny animal video from Cute Overload, or any other thing that may have come my way while I was trying to mindfully look for information on X.


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