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Shout Outs

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Although I have not been posting to this blog for 5 years, I have still kept up with whats hot in the library world by reading several library blogs.  Here are a few of my current favorites:

Sense & Reference

I don’t remember how I came across this blog but it has become one of my favorites.  The author, Lane Wilkinson, is a Reference and Instruction Librarian at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  He comes from a Philosophy background, which immediately piqued my interest.  His posts are always interesting, well-written, and often fun.

In the Library with the Lead Pipe

I think every library professional should be reading this blog.  The posts come from a group of librarians working in various types of libraries across the country.  In addition to the permanent bloggers, they frequently have posts from guest authors.  These posts are well-researched and relevant.  A few of my recent favorite posts are: From the Frying Pan into the Fire (and Back Again): Adventures in Subject-Based, Credit Instruction, Q&A: Lead Pipe on Professional Development –  the authors give their responses to questions like: “Which activities do you feel  have been the most beneficial for your professional development?

Ink and Vellum

I think I came across this blog via the Sense & Reference Blogroll.  I particularly like this blog because the  author frequently posts about Information Literacy and Instruction which is where I would like to focus my career.  Again, extremely well-written and insightful.


I skim this site everyday for the “fun” stuff.  Here you can find library-related news stories from all over the world.  From the scandalous to the ridiculous.

3 new sites I’ve been going to lately are: INALJ (I Need a Library Job), Hiring Librarians, and Open Cover Letters.  Yes, there is a theme here.  INALJ has a huge digest of library jobs from across the country but that isn’t the reason I like to visit this site.  I really enjoy reading the “…In Six” columns.  Six questions are asked of people who successfully found a library job.  I find these stories especially inspiring and have gotten ideas on how to build up a resume and on the importance of networking. Hiring Librarians gets inside the mind of Hiring Managers.  The same survey questions are asked of Hiring Managers from different institutions both large and small.  The Q&A is posted along with a description of the type and size of the institution the Hiring Manager works for.  Open Cover Letters is just that.  People submit their “winning” cover letters (some information redacted) for library jobs they were actually hired for.  This has been a great source of inspiration for getting past Blank Page Syndrome.

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Wordless Wednesday


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Under Construction

I realize I have not posted to this blog in 5 years.  Wow, I had such enthusiasm when I first started it.  What happened?  Here are my top reasons (excuses) for neglecting my blog:

  • I gave birth to 2 kids in the past few years
  • I got mired down in the day to day tasks of work
  • I became complacent

Its hard to admit but I really just became too comfortable with what I was doing at work to have the drive to continue posting.  I still read other library blogs and journal articles but just haven’t found the post-MLS drive to post my thoughts… Until now!

I am making a vow to post at least once a week and include a “Wordless Wednesday” post.

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PDFs Are All the Rage

Resource Shelf has a post about xFruits free service which allows conversion of RSS feeds to PDF format.  xFruits also has a number of other format conversions including: RSS to web, RSS to mail, and Mail to RSS.   I have not yet come across a situation in which any of these conversions would be that useful but you never know.

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I just discovered Tiny URL and I love it.  I’m probably way behind on the discovery of this tool as I have gotten a few links to tiny urls.  For those of you are not familiar with it I’ll give you a “tiny” overview.  Copy a url into the box here and your url will be changed to a tiny url. This allows very long urls that often get cut off when pasting in an email or posting to a blog to receive a unique short url that does not expire.  The other advantage of this is the ability to hide your affiliate link since the url gives away absolutely no information as to the source.

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Overdue Fines for Friends

David Pogue of the New York Times has a great video introduction to Delicious Library.  I really like that fact that you can keep tabs on who you loaned your items to.

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Too Cool for School

I love this article I found via LisNews